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Our track record of uniting organisations with thoroughly vetted and matched professionals is second to none.

The most valuable currency of the recruitment industry has always been access to information; the sourcing of accurate and relevant information from our trusted networks combined with astute judgment and industry-based insights determines the quality and impact of our client’s hiring decisions.

We offer our clients 20 years of practitioner and global search experience. We take time to authentically connect and develop relationships based on integrity, purpose and trust so that our clients can quickly and efficiently access networks they can’t foster themselves.

Our Clients freely testify to the positive impact our work has on their business. Please contact us for references.

Sarah-Jane Dartnell

Principal, LLB PgDip

Sarah-Jane was admitted to legal practice in 2002 and later worked in Communications and Corporate Affairs for a technology firm in Australia. For three years, she sat on the Executive Committee of the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association. She now owns and runs SJ&People, an executive search and recruitment firm dedicated to careers in law, policy, government relations, and corporate affairs.

She has over 15 years’ of international recruitment experience appointing senior executive roles in government and private enterprise. Sarah-Jane has made appointments across Europe, Asia and in every major Australian city on behalf of some of Australia’s largest and most powerful employers.

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